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Adlaw Partners has requisite experience in information technology, e-commerce, internet based securities trading and e-security laws. We negotiate and draft Technology Development Agreements and Intellectual property licenses and transfer, provide strategic guidance on structuring intellectual property and technology transactions, and draft various e-commerce agreements such as website terms and conditions, end user agreements and privacy policies. The Firm also advise its clients on cyber laws, data protection, IP protection, e-commerce, etc.

Adlaw Partners advises its clients on protection against data theft and protecting their intellectual property and information technology-related compliance issues and handles cases like internet fraud, hacking, privacy and security related issues etc. Adlaw Partners advises media industry on issues related to development, production and regular corporate issues. The Firm advises its clients in the industry to protect and retain their intellectual property rights, and on prevention of piracy and infringement of intellectual properties etc. The Firm assists its clients in drafting wide range of agreements catering to the needs of the industry in broadcasting, film financing and distributions.

We advise our clients on issues relating to digital copyright matters to the convergence of media and network technologies. We advise our clients on media laws in India with regard to government regulations and policies relating to broadcasting. The Firm has an extensive experience in dealing issues related to the media and broadcasting sectors. We handle claims for copyright infringement, intellectual property disputes, contract disputes and unfair competition claims etc. Our Attorneys have expertise in a variety of matters crucial to the industry, including trademarks, patents, copyrights, including technology, employment matters, licensing, and trade secrets.  In addition, the Firm also provides counseling and negotiations expertise to its clients for transactions in technology sector.

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