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Adlaw Partners advises its clients on various issues concerning intellectual property rights. The Firm provides assistance in drafting, registration of trademarks, copyright and patent applications worldwide. The Firm extensively advises its clients on protection with regard to the infringement and enforcement of the intellectual property rights. The Firm also coordinates with various international law firms in their procedural facets of intellectual property registrations worldwide.

Adlaw Partners assists its clients in drafting, filing and registering copyright. We have represented varied types of clients such as creators, authors, software developers and corporates. We have also represented copyright owners in pursuing and defending copyright infringement claims and prosecution.

Adlaw Partners assists its clients with drafting, filing and registration of the trademarks before the concerned trademark registries. The Firm also initiates searches before the Trademark Registries in connection with the applications and registrations already filed and registered. We have represented various individuals, institutions and companies in registering the trademarks. We have also represented our clients in defending and prosecuting infringement of trademarks before the court of law.

Adlaw Partners assists its clients in initiating searches before the appropriate patent offices in connection with the existing applications and patents. The firm also assists its clients in drafting and filing patent, design applications, drafting of specifications and claims for any given invention as well as preparing applicable drawings and charts when needed. We have represented various individuals and companies in registering their patents.

We advise several domestic and international clients and have leveraged their intellectual property to enhance the value of their intellectual asset in the current competitive market. It is essential that companies consider the mechanisms to protect their intellectual property which would help the growth of their business worldwide. Different types of intellectual properties have different rights for protection such as Copyright, Trademark, Trade secret and Patents.

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