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Adlaw Partners advises its clients on the application of labour laws. It understands client requirements to conform to the diverse implications of labour laws/regulations, while having due regard to their own practices and objectives. The Firm has extensively advised leading multinational companies on redundancies, employee related issues in transactions and advise relating to employee agreements.

A broad range of large and small companies and trade associations regularly seek legal advice and counsel from our Firm on issues relating to the employer-employee relationship. The Firm employment attorneys seek to help clients prevent or contain problems. Because the Firm’s employment attorneys strive to develop creative approaches and solutions to employment issues, clients often are able to identify potential problems in advance and take actions that can help prevent costly and time-consuming litigation.

The employment law practice of the firm provides a variety of legal services to numerous start-ups, large, mid-size and small corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, banking and financial institutions, governmental entities, and individuals, and the Indian operations of many multinational corporations. Our expertise ranges from drafting employment contracts, employee policies, employee communications and conducting standalone internal disciplinary procedures to carrying out comprehensive employment law audits, providing advisory on specific points of employment law and assisting the HR departments of our clients with day-to-day legal issues.

Adlaw Partners also provides variety of services to its clients ranging from advising on compliance issues to drafting employee handbooks, employee contracts, audits of the employee contracts, conduct internal corporate investigation of sexual harassment, conduct due diligence reviews of employment liabilities in corporate acquisitions.

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