Rajiv Yadav

Rajiv is a Partner at Adlaw Partners and is a part of the Dispute Resolution, Real Estate and Corporate Advisory team at Adlaw Partners. Rajiv specializes in litigation and Corporate Advisory matters. His expertise in electricity sector for both private and public sector includes handling matters before the Central/State Electricity Regulatory Commissions, Appellate Tribunal for Electricity and Supreme Court of India. In matters relating to tariff determination, grant of open access, recovery of penal demand charges by the State utilities, trading licenses, contractual disputes between generating companies and licensees. He has extensively advised private sector clients on diverse issues relating to open access, cross-subsidy surcharge, captive generation, wind generation,  renewable energy certificates, banking of power, transaction specific escrow mechanisms etc.

Rajiv has also advised clients on a corporate advisory such as incorporation and documentation, conducting reviews of employment law liabilities, drafting memorandum of understanding and infrastructure project transactions. He has extensive expertise in preventing, pursuing, defending and resolving conflicts, domestic mediation and conciliation, domestic and international arbitration. He has undertaken constitutional and writ litigation in Supreme Court & High Court, intellectual property infringement and rectification actions, environmental and population control litigation. Rajiv has also conducted detailed activities to identify and quantify commercial risks associated with real estate transactions, negotiating and drafting lease documents, conducting annual legal audits and ensuring of statutory compliance, drafting lease & sale agreement with regard to commercial, retail and residential properties.